Build a product that enables employees to take control of their learning.

Head of Product and CEO

A learning platform that enables employees to create learning goals, get support from their team, find quality content and attain new knowledge or skills.

At our height we had 8 people and an acquisition offer. 


Overview of employee’s learning goals and activities. An easy and visually engaging interface for employees to plan their own learning and development. Achievements, progress checks and peer recognition provide incentive for employees to actively learn and improve their abilities.


The BetterU wrapper enables users to easily consume any kind of material, from any source. They can mark it as complete, leave a quick review and move to the next step on their learning path. It ensures they don’t get distracted by other content on the host’s website. It also helps us tracks user's activity on the page, proving they actually completed the material and any incorporated tests with their results.


Enables managers with little time to at a glance, have a solid knowledge of where their entire team’s progress is, while still being able to go into further depth when they have time. Allows HR to dive deep into the development progress of each team and make necessary suggestions, encouragements, tracking and analysis.